That’s what you can expect when you work with Headwaters Investment Counsel…


We employ a robust and time-tested strategy that has worked for generations --  dividend growth investing. 

We believe dividend growth investing provides investors with an all-weather strategy that has the ability to outperform in both bull and bear markets, as well as, in rising or declining interest rate environments, and in low or high volatility periods.

We’re not interested in proposing the next “hot investment”, or the newest strategy…


We’ve seen the investment industry devolve into a world of high-frequency trading, underperforming funds & strategies, financial engineering, and complexity. That’s not our cup of tea.

We just keep it simple. It starts with one question… How do you define an asset and a liability?


It’s our view that in order to understand the behaviors that create, grow and preserve wealth, then you must learn to redefine how you view your current assets and your current liabilities.